Shriek! We made it! And we’re still alive…and (happily) married!!! What a whirlwind adventure this One Room Challenge™ has been. We are so so so pleased that we signed up for this crazy cool experience. Many thanks to Linda at Calling It Home and House Beautiful for this amazing ride! We know you’ve put in insane hours to make this challenge a reality and we are so very appreciative and grateful.


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Here’s a look at what we’ve managed to accomplish in five short weeks:

  • Remove upper and lower cabinets opposite W/D wall, countertops, sink, faucet and dog wash basin
  • Lay new flooring
  • Prime/paint walls
  • Frame out new coat and shoe cubby area and install custom storage
  • Create message/organization hub to corral keys, wallets, phones, mail, etc.
  • Raise upper cabinets above W/D and bridge to ceiling with crown molding
  • Caulk/prime/paint upper and lower cabinets on W/D wall
  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Install new butcher block counter, sink and faucet
  • Makeover mirror and hang to invite more light into the windowless space
  • Upgrade overhead lighting and place on dimmer switch
  • Patch/paint ceiling
  • Install backsplash
  • Install undercabinet lighting
  • Paint service door
  • Install hooks to hang drying clothing, backpacks, etc.
  • Art/wall décor
  • Install trim
  • Accessorize

If you want to read more about our process, you can check out Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5 here. All sources are listed at the end of this post!


And now for what everyone really wants: the photos. Give the people what they waaant!



This message center has proven to be one of the MVPs of our new space. The two rows of cubbies are crucial in keeping everyday essentials organized. The two art rails (an oversized drill bit that we cut to size) allow for an ever-rotating display of our son’s latest masterpieces. I love that the mini clothespins used to clip up the art are a subtle nod to the laundry room. Inspired by Stendig calendars, I used oversized number decals and car pinstriping tape to create a graffic calendar that reads chic not cluttered. Dry erase paint covers the entire inset of the message center so we can make notes on the calendar above and our little guy has his very own space for imaginative free play below. Can you imagine how thrilled this kid was when we told him he could write on the wall? My lovely lefty.





It’s pretty gratifying to glance over at this area of our home these days and see such an aesthetically pleasing sight.




One of my favorite views is when we enter the room and round the corner to our right. That charcoal (with just a hint of green!) hex tile was a gamble for this white subway tile-lovin’ gal, but man oh man am I glad I knew when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. The warmth of the brass hardware, the vintage Italian frame and the butcherblock countertop juxtapose beautifully with the cold, metal appliances and black and white color scheme.



And can we just talk about this painting for a second? Marco’s Nonno Guiseppe (that’s “Grandfather” in Italian) lived in Italy his entire life. Marco was lucky enough to be able to visit him several times during his childhood. They had a very special bond. Nonno Beppe, as he was called, was an art lover. Based on his art collection alone, I know I would have loved this guy. This particular piece hung in Marco’s childhood bedroom growing up. The detail is exquisite. We love how the colors look with the backsplash. A very special piece for a very special space from a very special man.



Every few months or so, our son helps me make a triple batch of our laundry soap which we store in this oversized jar. It smells so good guys. And it’s great for sensitive skin. I’ll write a tutorial soon. This slim laundry basket is perfect for the narrow space between the washing machine and the sink cabinet. And I love how the graphic letters on ivory background relate to both the calendar and the warm/cool color palette going on in here.



I’m not typically a big “quote person”. See what I did there? No but seriously, I don’t generally gravitate toward quote art. But! This quote struck me from the first time I laid eyes on it over 12 years ago when making my first nephew’s scrapbook. Now that I have my own child, its meaning is even more deeply rooted in my heart:

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait ’til tomorrow

for babies grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.

I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

I scribbled the quote on the back of a picture frame and placed it in a simple black frame with large matting to draw the eye in. I opted to leave the glass out of the frame to make it more casual and approachable. I love the imperfect, natural vibe. What a great everyday reminder in this hustle bustle space to slow down and remember what is most important.



The black canister was made to hold coffee. I love the matte black look with the wooden lid. I put the cheesy decal that adorns one side in a permanent timeout in the corner and use it as my lint receptacle. The cactus is fake ‘cuz have we met? How gorgeous is that little ceramic pot the cactus “lives” in?



That undercabinet lighting is so luxurious I sometimes need to pinch myself. Look at those cabinet pulls-gah! That waterfall edge-swoon! I’m losing my mind with love for this room. Pull yourself together, woman!



Can you believe we made this mirror? Me neither. I can’t get enough of its understated beauty. And to think we spent zero point zero dollars on it makes me downright giddy. That bevel tho’.



Okay, can we just talk about this rug combo for a second? I can. not. get. enough. The square guy is a 100+ year old Turkish rug from Urban Rugs. Their customer service is top notch. And just the right pop o’ color, right? The jute runner is from World Market. I will often arrange these two all shy and first date-like, with their corners barely touching like this. And then I’ll get a wild hair and run in here and shift the small guy 45 degrees so they can get to know each other a little more (not pictured because we have to leave something to the imagination don’t we? ;). They’re so cute together I can’t stand it.



This floor is so gorgeous and low maintenance it’s as if it was made for this high-traffic space. The warm gray veining hides all the dirt! It cleans up like a dream. And it’s warm and soft underfoot too! It also provides a noise-deadening quality that tile could not. Also, say ‘hello’ to my new split-leaf Philodendron in her swank basket. Which BTW, could that basket be any cuter with the jute runner? No, Chandler, it couldn’t.



The coat cubby is getting used hard over here. It was among the first things we completed in this room and we’ve never stopped using it throughout the entire renovation. I can’t believe how easy it is to keep a beautiful space clean and organized. Those top shelves hold our fedoras (of course), out-of-season (finally) winter gear and the occasional Ducati helmet (I don’t want to talk about it). The lower shelves are where our shoes and boots hang out.



I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you all over to our home so that you can pet this leather pillow. I know, I know. Sorrynotsorry-it’s really soft and I’d do it again. It looks amazing with the bench, mirror frame and countertop. I’m gonna pack this amazing midcentury modern bench in the coffin with me someday. Mark my words.



I debated going black and white with these large-scale photos but I’m so happy I went with my gut. These images inject such a nice dose of color into this fairly neutral space. I love my little boy’s sweet bow mouth and auburn hair. My big guy’s not too shabby either;)




That door is just lovely isn’t it? I can’t get over what a beautiful shade of green this is. And the new white molding around the doorways really enhance the saturated hue. Ignoring all of the knowledge I’ve ever gleaned, I went with a flat sheen. Sure I have to wipe it all the time, but the velvety, touchable look is so luxe I don’t even care.



Speaking of the trim, can I just brag on my man for a second? Me: Can you do this (points to complex molding with plinth blocks on computer screen). Man: I can do anything (executes trim in 11th hour of challenge). He’s a freakin’ machine, that guy. I’m not saying he’s Batman. I’m just saying no one’s ever seen Batman and Marco in the same room together. You can draw your own conclusion.



Oohhh. Ahhh.



The hooks guys! Should I be this excited about hooks? Well, dang it I am! Again with the gorgeous matte black. When standing outside of the room, I can see them from almost any angle in the mirror. Be still my heart.




Speaking of my heart, here’s the whole thing-aorta and all-right here:



That hand on Daddy’s leg and their identical pensive expressions.



I love their love.



We are now using this room to its fullest potential. I am so happy we finally took this space off the back burner and got it done. Can not tell you how great it feels to have the last and first space we see when we leave and enter our home be this functional and beautiful.





And you know we can’t show you all of the afters without sharing the befores for comparison. Feast your eyes on these:


One Room Challenge Week 6 Reveal Bench Before After


One Room Challenge Week 6 Reveal Sink Before After


One Room Challenge Week 6 Reveal Kitchen View Before After


One Room Challenge Week 6 Reveal Kitchen View 2 Before After


One Room Challenge Week 6 Reveal Sink GIF Animation


One Room Challenge Week 6 Reveal Kitchen View GIF Animation


You guys, come in for a group hug for a second. A genuine thank you from our home to yours for following along on this journey. For your encouraging words, your amazing kindness and your heartfelt compliments, thank you. Wish there was a stronger phrase to tell us how much your readership means to us. We are sincerely flattered and humbled. And we can’t wait to share more of our home with you. We hope this is just the beginning of a lovely friendship.


To check out the other AH-MAZING ORC participants (and you should!), click here. Mind blown.


Source List:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Simply White (flat sheen)

Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore Simply White (satin sheen)-upper cabinets, Black Satin (satin sheen)-lower cabinets

Door Color: Clark & Kensington Pine Grove (flat sheen)

Cabinet hardware


Shelving in Coat Nook


Light fixtures


Runner rug

Vintage rug

Message Center letter decals

Message Center dry erase paint


Laundry cart

Leather pillow

Lint jar

Laundry detergent jar

Quote frame

Photo frames

Linen hand towel

Hand soap



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  1. Ashley @ Relative Renovations | 15th May 18

    I love it all, but when I see the shot with the green door I squealed! Great job!!

    • Meghan | 15th May 18

      Thank you so much Ashley! That’s one of my favorite parts too!!!

  2. Jude | 14th May 18

    I’m so late catching up but I read every single word!! Stunning! Such a transformation and it’s an amazingly practical space as well! Love all the little details—the command center, the green door, the oversized prints…I could go on. Great job Meghan and Marco!!

    • Meghan | 15th May 18

      Thank you so much Jude!! We love it too. It’s nicer than many of our other spaces. Keep joking we should drag our mattress in here and convert it to our bedroom. 🙂

  3. Jodie @ Sypsie Designs | 14th May 18

    What an amazing space! I love how you used every inch of it and how functional and gorgeous it is! Love that your little one has his own space as well, I’m sure he loves it! And that bench – All the heart eyes. I’d probably do the same thing 🙂 Congrats and great job!!

    • Meghan | 14th May 18

      Thank you so much Jodie! He does…big time:) Thank you!

  4. Lidia | 11th May 18

    I would spend ALL MY TIME THERE!!!!! Meghan, what a wonderful space!! And I love that you incorporated a kiddie area so that everyone can be together!! This is FABULOUS!!!

    • Meghan | 12th May 18

      Lidia thank you so much! The art area has proven to be one of our best moves thus far. I can make dinner and do laundry while he entertains himself. As you know, this is GOLD for motherhood. Thanks for all of your support girl!

  5. Lisa | 11th May 18

    Girl, this is SO GOOD! And to say I have serious mud room envy is an understatement! Wow! There are so many awesome details but the tile, mirror, countertop and sink are some of my favorites! Job well done 😉

    • Meghan | 12th May 18

      Thank you so much Lisa. I’ll let you borrow my mudroom if I can borrow your outdoor oasis=) Deal? Thanks girl!!!

  6. Lindsey at HilltownHouse | 10th May 18

    You two seriously CRUSHED THIS!! That view from the living room into this space is everything – those rugs, that bench, those pillows!!! I could seriously sit here and list out every detail so I’ll just say I love it all. But honestly that message center is EVERYTHING and the sweetest idea to make a space for your handsome little man. Congratulations on a job VERY well done : )

    • Meghan | 10th May 18

      Oh my gosh, Lindsey, I’m blushing over here! To have someone with such a beautiful design aesthetic pay us a compliment like that just fills me to the brim. My cup runneth over! You know what’s funny-I love drawing and creating, which was the main reason behind giving our little guy his own creative space. What I didn’t consider is the added perk that he can occupy himself drawing while I make dinner in the adjacent kitchen or swap a load of laundry. I am so happy he loves it and actually uses it! Thank you again for your sweet, SWEET words, my friend. Made my week.

  7. Em | 10th May 18

    I love it so much, guys! So much attention to detail, and ultra-solid design aesthetic. 🙂 I especially love all the family photos you included of yourselves enjoying the room. (Oh hey, we’ve got a little lefty too—gets it from me.) I’m looking forward to continuing to follow along with your home adventures, and so glad we’ve gotten to know each other these past few weeks, Meghan!

    • Meghan | 10th May 18

      Em thank you so very much! I’m so happy you liked that we injected a little of ourselves into the space. All of the photos without life seemed a little…lifeless;) No way! We’re both right-handed so we always scratch our heads at where he came from:) My father is a lefty so maybe it passed down the pipe somewhere=) I’ve LOVED getting to know you as well and can’t wait to see more of your beautiful home and family.

  8. Rachel Joy // Joyful Derivatives | 9th May 18

    It’s lovely Meghan! I love the tile, and that little nook for your shoes and jackets is great! I agree – having handy husbands is the BEST. 😉 Thanks for sharing your wonderful makeover!

    • Meghan | 10th May 18

      Thank you so much Rachel Joy! They’re pretty awesome, aren’t they?! Thank you for reading!

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