Here we go again! Week four of the One Room Challenge with Calling It Home and House Beautiful. I’ll save you my typical long-winded intro and we’ll get right to the meat of the post (or tofu for my vegetarian friends). This week’s theme is pretty things. From the lighting to our bold green service door, this space is getting easier on the eyes all the time. Let’s get into it.


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The old office-chic halogen lights came down and a pair of swanky new fixtures took their place. I am in love with the brass and black combo. The modern profile is the stuff of (my) dreams. Marco installed a dimmer switch so that we can crank it way up when we work in here and dim it low as she’ll go when we hunker down in the evening and want a warm, reassuring glow from this corner of the house. Remember the old lights? Gulp.



And after:


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Ceiling New Light Fixture Black Brass Vintage Bulb


As far as the installation, they were very straightforward lights to install. PSA: We are very comfortable with electrical work but if you are not, please hire this step out. Marco devised this great solution for catching all of the dust and debris. He’s a genius, that one.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Ceiling Dust Collection Electrical Box


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Ceiling New Light Fixture Installation


We actually swapped out our lighting during our week three frenzy, but that post was long enough as is. What we didn’t get to last week was patching and painting our ceiling where the old light fixtures had lived. Actually, the entire ceiling needed painting. Given how thirsty she was, we are not certain whether or not this had ever been done. The ceiling was this super dingy, almost peachy white. It looked bright enough with our old terra cotta colored walls but once the walls were painted white, the ceiling took on more of a gas station bathroom vibe.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Ceiling


My husband was the unsung hero of this project-this week, really. He patched, primed and painted the ceiling solo while I parented our offspring and painted the door.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Ceiling Painting Prep Drop Cloths Red Rosin Paper


As always with painting, we are astounded at the difference it makes. The room is infinitely brighter. So fresh and so clean, clean!


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Ceiling Painted New Light Fixtures Black Brass Vintage Bulbs


In keeping with the painting theme, let’s talk about our door for a second. This is the service door that leads to the garage. It was white with yellowish undertones and appeared dingy no matter how many times I took it to task with a Magic Eraser. My little cub’s paw prints were always visible around the doorknob (because why would you use the actual doorknob?). The color choice was easy. Because Simply White and Black Satin-colors we used elsewhere in the room-both have green undertones, I knew a forest-inspired hue would layer in beautifully. Per our moodboard, I wanted a deep, rich green. I had already used (and loved!) Clark and Kensington’s Pine Grove, color-matched to Benjamin Moore in our entryway nook. Plus I had it on hand, so free. Winner, winner! This green is oh so dynamic. It’s black. It’s blue. It’s most definitely green. And it’s beautiful.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Service Door Painted Green


Another small but mighty task that has been checked off our list is hanging our hooks. In general, we pared things down in this space yet I knew adding hooks had the potential to increase our organization and function ten-fold. You see, I air dry many of our clothes. Most of our son’s pants (those quick-wearing knees!) and many of our shirts are hung to dry. Up until now, I’ve been hauling the wet duds to our bathrooms to hang them over the shower curtain rod. This setup works okay but I hate seeing the clutter of the hanging clothes and having nowhere to put them when company comes. These hooks will change all that. With their geometric design, they are perfect for floating a hanger away from the wall. Hung in a vertical line, they almost read as a modern art installation. They are so sculptural and pleasing to my eye. And I love how they tie into the black in the light fixtures and door hardware. So, so good.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Hooks Installing Backplate Helper Son


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Black Hook Layout


My favorite element in this room thus far (okay, tied for first with the door…and the cabinet makeover…and the hooks…) is the mirror. The frame that originally held this mirror was very…shall we say, elegant. It reminded me of a frame that would be found in an English Manor or a lady-in-waiting’s budoir. I hated it. Or rather, I liked it when I bought it but that was over 12 years ago. My style has changed dramatically since then. Lucky for me, the mirror was set down with gusto one too many times and a corner of the frame busted. That’s when the magic happened. I began fantasizing about my dream mirror. This West Elm beauty was it:


Inspiration west elm Industrial Floor Mirror, Mango Wood


But alas, I do not own a third kidney to sell on the Black Market, nor will my body generate one, darned though I try. #starfishenvy. What to do? Make our own of course! We always-and I mean always-have a plethora of scrap wood leftover from various projects. The winner was some poplar we used to frame out the mudroom threshold.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Mirror Frame Cutting Miter Saw


I measured and cut the wood. We then routed “ledges” along the inside edges to create a place for the mirror to rest. Each piece got the wood conditioner and Minwax Early American stain treatment.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Mirror Frame Staining Poplar Wood Brown


Next Marco attached the pieces to the wall with trim head screws and brad nails, starting with the bottom piece, then the top piece and finally the sides. After the bottom piece was mounted and before the top, he set the mirror on the bottom ledge. The top and sides then got screwed and nailed in place around the mirror. She’s not going anywhere.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Mirror Frame Installation Level Nailer


The end product is pretty darn beautiful.


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Mirror Installed Hooks Reflection


I absolutely love how the frame plays with the warm wood counter and bench. And to think we saved $400 ($600 when it’s not on sale) by building it ourselves!


One Room Challenge Week 4 Mudroom Mirror Installed


Well, that’s it for another week. Oh and please go check out all of my buddies. I’m following so many of them and the talent is raw! This weekend we’ll be racing to finish our tile backsplash and trim. Then it’s on to accessories!!! The end is so close we can taste it! Thanks for tuning in guys. Let’s send you off with some before and in-progress photos. We’re really digging where this space is going.


Before Progress Mudroom Wall Mirror


Before Progress Mudroom Door

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  2. Traci | 2nd May 18

    Love it all! The large pics, where can I read more about those? Thanks! Looking forward to next week.

    • Meghan | 2nd May 18

      Thank you so much Traci!! I will definitely be talking more in-depth about the large prints this week! These prints were printed at Staples but you can get photos blown up to a large size at many stores, including Kinkos, for very little money! I highly recommend Staples!


  3. Lauren | 29th Apr 18

    I don’t know what I enjoy more…your witty commentary that makes me constantly LOL… the AMAZING progress with the before and after pics…or you with a saw 😁😁😁 Great job girl!

    • Meghan | 29th Apr 18

      Oh Lauren, you’re too good to me. Thank you so much. Sometimes I chuckle to myself while I’m writing and then I’m like, ‘wait, maybe this is only funny to me.’ Glad I’m entertaining someone other than myself:) Thanks buddy. Muah!!!


  4. Lindsey at HilltownHouse | 29th Apr 18

    All of the finishing touches are looking so good! That mirror is SO GOOD!! I have been going back at forth on what to do about putting one in my master bedroom and you’re giving me some really new/good ideas for how to tackle it

    • Meghan | 29th Apr 18

      Thank you so much Lindsey! I highly recommend making your own frame! So affordable and so rewarding! We are thinking of making two more for our bathrooms. Would love to see pics if you do it!!


  5. Bestcustomessay | 28th Apr 18

    Thank u always for ur great work.

    • Meghan | 28th Apr 18

      Thank you for reading!

  6. Lidia | 27th Apr 18

    So much gorgeousness!!! Those light fixtures are insane – minimalist, functional and just plain fabulous! That mirror I think is actually nicer than your reference image and I love how your little one is helping you guys out with the hooks! Love love love!!! ♥

    • Meghan | 27th Apr 18

      Thanks so much Lidia!! Yeah, I’m pretty freakin’ in love with them too. And when I purchased them, they were like $40 apiece=O I am going to be riding high all day on the compliment you paid us about the mirror. Thank you so so much. And yes, he’s always helping. Our little shadow:) Thanks for tuning in Lidia!!!


  7. Jude | 27th Apr 18

    Such a transformation already! Those light fixtures are perfect, and I love the color of the door. You are making great choices and it is all coming together beautifully! Great job!

    • Meghan | 27th Apr 18

      Thank you Jude! I love them too! And the price made them even sweeter:) That door is my baby. I’m so happy you like it!!


  8. Em | 26th Apr 18

    Is there anything you guys *can’t* do?! Wow…such cool progress. Awesome paint job on the door, super-cool mirror and great tutorial, and really fun lighting. I like the accessories you’ve been adding, too! Excited to see even MOAR in the coming week. Oh, and can I also say how much I enjoy your writing style?

    • Meghan | 27th Apr 18

      Hi Em!
      There is PLENTY I can’t do. Marco on the other hand… He is so amazingly fearless when it comes to DIY ventures and it has rubbed off on me over the years! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. Makes this girl’s Friday:) 🙂

  9. Samantha | 26th Apr 18

    What a transformation. It is looking fantastic. Love that you did your own DIY mirror and it turned out great. Also, I have starfish envy too. 🙂

    • Meghan | 27th Apr 18

      Thanks so much Sammy. I think we may attempt a different style for our bedroom closet! Starfish are cool:) Happy Friday!


  10. Amy | 26th Apr 18

    So I’m not sure where to start?! You with an electric saw is so “Bad Ass”..coined that from high school you know in the 90’s😆 I love the door color so much!! And those old lights remind me of my current ones in my laundry room, ugh. Love your new ones and the dimmer is such a great idea! Well I could go on but just wanted to say I love your blog and look forward to Thursdays!!

    • Meghan | 26th Apr 18


      I so LOL’d at the bad ass comment=) Those lights are EVERYWHERE. At least in our part of the country it seems. It’s like there was a big box Ugly Lights Store pre-21st century. Although our house was built in the 2000’s so ??? But I digress. What I really wanted to say is THANK YOU for tuning in every week. Your support means so so so much to me!!!


  11. Andi | 26th Apr 18

    That door color is amazing! It’s the perfect amount of “pop”!

    • Meghan | 26th Apr 18

      Thank you so much Andi! It’s a favorite. I think I still need to pull a little more color into the room somehow…hmmm:)


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