Guys, I haven’t been this mix of excited/nervous since Nancy and Tonya met face to face after the clubbing. I mean, on the one hand I just really wanted them to hug, work it out and get back to what they were good at-French braids. On the other hand, I was positive another knee was gonna get it. Oh the struggle!

Tonya Harding dramatic entrance french braid club knee

But I digress. The reason for my elation/panic is that this week marks the start of the One Room Challenge (ORC)™. The ORC™ is a widely anticipated event in DIY/décor blogland that takes place every April and October. Over six weeks, we (along with many other amazing bloggers) will be making over one room in our home, documenting our progress and sharing it here with you as we go! On Thursday I will introduce you to the ugliest room in our house and our plans to turn this Ugly Betty around. Hint: it starts with an “M” and ends with an “udroom”. This space also serves as our laundry room so we’re kind of doing two rooms in one. Eek!

We are so pumped to tackle this project alongside our virtual DIY community. We’ll be rooting each other on every step of the way and we hope you’ll come along for the ride! And if you’re feeling really ambitious, join us on this awesome journey by tackling your own project! We’ll keep you going like an exercise accountabilibuddy at 5 am. We have boatloads of ideas for this space and feel very optimistic that we can bring every last one to fruition!

All of the hideous before photos and our big dreams for this space, right here on Thursday! See you then, friends!

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  1. Kari | 3rd Apr 18

    Yay!! I can’t wait to see what you do with your space!! Also, awesome reference…I may have been obsessed with Tonya/Nancy back in the day!

    • Meghan | 3rd Apr 18

      Thank you so much Kari!!! Can’t wait to show you! Agreed-they were the bomb dot com back in the day.

  2. | 2nd Apr 18

    Can hardly wait!!

    • Meghan | 3rd Apr 18

      Thank you!!!

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