Our walls and ceiling are painted!!! Is it just me or do you hear angels singing? Going white accomplished every goal we set for our main living area: it’s SO MUCH brighter, the art pops right off of the walls and the new mood is oh-so timeless. The bad ’90s lodge vibe packed up its caboodle full of bedazzled scrunchies and hit the road. I really love painting. It’s so cathartic for me. I also love doing laundry though so take that with a grain of ‘she’s a freak of nature’. I flew solo on this painting project while Marco was preoccupied reinstalling our kitchen (We removed the lower kitchen cabinets right after buying our house in order to run the hardwoods from wall to wall. That hot mess of a project is coming, promise;). Back to the paint. The effort was so worth it. We went from Brown Town

…to this.

Working with renovation-related chemicals as often as we do, we try to consistently use zero-VOC paint with no or low emissions. Unfortunately, I got so verklempt about my first trip to a Benjamin Moore store (our first house was closer to Sherwin Williams) that I forgot to make the request for zero-VOC paint as I have countless times before. Gosh! Idiot!

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Fortunately, the folks at Ben Moore were on it and hooked me up with the good stuff: their Regal Select line. This BM product uses water-based resins and zero-VOC colorants. There is a small amount of emission, however, its nontoxic formula isn’t stinky or headache-inducing. To go entirely odorless, you could use their Natura line. Upon a return trip to the store, I struck up a conversation about the various products BM sells with an associate as one I am apt to do. He said that although Natura is zero-VOC and zero-emissions, he prefers the Regal Select line because Natura doesn’t cover as well and it costs more. There’s a hot tip for you. I can personally vouch for this. It seems we’ve used every paint ever manufactured over the years and man have we got opinions. If you play your cards right, I’ll produce one of my signature long-winded posts on that riveting topic for you some day. Oh and I bought a five-gallon bucket of paint which, in our experience, will almost always earn you a pretty hefty discount at any paint store. Also, batting the lashes yo’ mama gave you and asking for the contractor’s discount ain’t the worst idea either. Sheesh, I’m like the hot tip factory today. During a subsequent trip to the store, I did pick up a second 5-gallon bucket of the same product for our ceilings and any touchups we may need to make down the line. Number one rule of painting: don’t run out of paint. Another view before:

and after:

All told, this painting foray took about 15 hours over a few sessions, including one coat of primer and two coats of paint. I primed and painted the living room, former breakfast nook, entryway, hallways and our son’s walls and ceiling in one weekend while he got some Grandma/pa time in. A tiny area remained to be painted when our then two-year-old was told to tuck and roll gently deposited back onto our doorstep, but lucky for us, he’s always up for any project. And one more before/after cuz I can’t help myself.

I love the cool, airy vibe the space now embodies. We are so happy we invested the time and money to paint soon after moving in. Our ceiling was a little slower coming. That bull’s horns got taken just last week and we are jaws-on-the-floor loving the difference. More on that in another post. Going from brown to white was a real game changer for our home. Never underestimate the power of paint. Happy painting, friends!

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