An unfortunate serendipitous event occurred in September 2016. Ours was one of countless homes in the area pummeled by hail. The storm ravaged our newly-acquired nest, destroying our roof and three-quarters of our siding. It pitted our gutters, downspouts, fascia and doors. Most of the window screens and much of our landscaping was in tatters. When the storm was over, it appeared as though a tiger of Godzilla proportions had used every ounce of his energy to deface the home we had owned for three short months. Dorothy was most definitely not in Kansas anymore. But perspective is a beautiful thing. We were not displaced like the people who live in areas where hurricanes or earthquakes are regular occurrences. We had a home. Our home was damaged, but we were safe and we were grateful.

What could have been a dismal situation turned into sweet home renovation lemonade. We put our heads together and came up with a plan. We would seize the opportunity to swap out some things that had been further down our to-do priority list. Due to the extent of the damage, our insurance covered everything and we found ourselves gaining rapid ground on improvements to the outside of our home in addition to the changes that were already underway inside.

Just one of many improvements to come of Hailmageddon 2016 was our new front door. As mentioned in the house tour, the door was not our favorite. It was fine just not our style…and it didn’t allow enough natural light into the already dim space…and the asymmetrical sidelight killed us…and the lack of deadbolt meant that something else might kill us. Okay, we hated it. It had to go.

Once the hailstones settled melted, we installed a new, custom fiberglass door that could withstand the strong winds’ abuse on our exposed, elevated lot. The mahogany “grain” on this synthetic baby is convincing. Matte, oil-rubbed bronze hardware (with a deadbolt!) replaced the former part-time security guard. We bumped the new gal over six inches to allow space for a second exterior sconce and to center it visually between the porch columns outside. This minor adjustment generated more elbow room on the interior as well. The three-quarter glass composition makes the entry appear infinitely brighter. And with over 10 acres of land, privacy is never an issue (We can literally see people coming a mile down the road and change out of our pajamas. Or not. I mean, you should’ve called.). We are loving the difference the new door makes. Hard.

We polished off the gate to our lil’ kingdom with some simple yet substantial trim. It might be a little too substantial. Shhh, don’t tell hubby. He just spent like an hour routing and installing that beast. We’ll save that nugget of knowledge for a sunnier day. We still need to install baseboards and swap out the rest of the orangey trim in the house but wow, what a difference a door makes…and paint and new flooring and a new light fixture. Those details are for another day. But for today let’s just focus on my new love, the door.

And once again, where we started. You’ve come a long way, friend.

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